30 Days of Rest: Free download

Resting Lessons: 30 Days of Rest is a collection of thoughts, lessons, resources and stories from my own extravagant decision to prioritize rest for one month and how (almost) everything in my life changed as a result.

If you are wondering how to simplify your life, curious about how to integrate rest into our fast-paced culture or thinking about practicing your very own 30 Days of Rest, do I have a treat for you!

While this blog has been posted one entry at at time in the real time that I experienced it, it has become important to me to have 30 Days of Rest as user friendly as possible. I have been working, quite unsuccessfully to create a fancy version that could flawlessly be delivered to your device of choice, and I still hope I will be able to figure that out for the future. But for now, I have created a very large google doc linked below and you are welcome to download it. You are also welcome to share it and you can even print it out if you want to.

So, here ya go.

Resting Lessons: 30 Days of Rest

P.S. As, I was saying, this is a large document and when I was creating it, it said it was too large to scan for viruses. If this scares you, as it would me if I were not the one creating it, I am hopeful this little note will reassure you that there is no virus. If you have problems downloading this, email me at and I will send you the full document directly to your email.