The Art of Eating: Lunch


After Thanksgiving (and four days of eating leftovers), I was ready for some healthy food. With all of the many opportunities to eat delicious treats over the holidays, Winter is the perfect time to eat clean and healthy in all the meals between.

For a while now I have been on the lookout for a good fall/winter idea for my seasonal lunch. While scrolling through Pinterest, I found this crunchy salad at The Harvest Kitchen and then I remembered about my favorite creamy coconut soup from The Gluten-Free Goddess and this old standby from a few years ago compliments of a Cup a Cup a.

Both the Harvest Salad and the Green Soup have “detox” in their title. While that word is not appetizing to me at all, I do love that both of these meals include ingredients like ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon and garlic known for their cleansing properties.

If I am recommending a recipe it is because it is, in my opinion, both GOOD and GOOD FOR ME. I do not have a powerful appetite so deliciousness (even if it is plain or simple) is essential. No choking down anything just because it is on some list of super foods.

I want to want to eat.

In order to keep this process simple, I buy the ingredients for/make only one of these recipes a week. For me, three recipes on rotation is enough variety.

It helps if I make the meal the same day as I buy the ingredients. Once I put all of these vegetables in their spots in the fridge they tend to get comfortable there. The thought of pulling them out can feel overwhelming but when they are already out it almost seems just as easy to make the food as it would be to put it all away.

If you are reading this blog, I am going to assume you are not judging me for feeling overwhelmed by putting away or taking out groceries.

It seems petty, doesn’t it?

But, in my study of rest, I have learned there are some very tiny things that overwhelm me. I spent many a years trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t be overwhelmed by certain things. Now, I try to work around them.

Skipping over the small step (but giant leap for jenny-kind) of putting away/taking out ingredients gives me twice as much energy to put toward actually creating my colorful salad or creamy soup.

In my dream world, I cook on Sunday or Monday so that I have a large container full of tasty food waiting for to get hungry in the middle of the day. It is also easy to pack in my bag when I know I will be out most of the day.

If you do not want to spend any time chopping or cooking, you can combine several packages of salads (coleslaw mix, broccoli carrot slaw, diced cauliflower, baby spinach and kale or whatever is on sale) with sunflower seeds and roasted almonds (or whatever nuts you like). Toss it all in a dressing of olive oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar and ginger. There you go-lunch for the week. I prefer to add the nuts right with each serving it so they stay crunchy but it is still yummy if they are already mixed in.

My Lunch Essentials

Ingredients for this week’s meal:

olive oil
spinach, kale
parsley, cilantro, and mint
coconut milk

*large container with lid to store in fridge

*serving size containers for lunch on the go


What about you?

Do you have a usual lunch?

Do you pack a lunch?

Do you ever forget to eat in the middle of the day?

What are your strategies for eating food that is good and good for you?