Monday: Home


I love Monday Mornings. I love them. Mondays are my days for getting our essentials in order. My focus for today is HOME.

One of the things I have learned about myself is that I do much better when focusing an entire day on one thing instead of doing an hour or 15 minutes here or there to try to stay on top of everything (on laundry, dishes, decluttering, etc).

My brain does not work that way. My brain needs me to tell it what we are going to do and stay stay stay on that one thing.

If I am focused, with no interruptions and nothing else scheduled for the day, I can move mountains (of laundry, dishes and trash). Usually, I make this fun by listening to an audio book, spotify or having netflix on in the background. Today, while I am cleaning, I am going to be listening to the Unit 3 lecture of the course I am taking online.

It will take the entire day to get all of our laundry done. The fridge and the pantry need cleaning out. I need to see what we have in there that needs to be chopped up, cooked up, and used up before I make our grocery list.

Here are some of my favorite resources for Mondays:

Clean Mama ( I know…I said that I don’t like doing a little bit of housework everyday. I don’t follow her schedule, but I love everything about this-the design, the pictures, the simplicity. Her chores for the week are my chores for Monday.

The Fresh 20 ( A friend told me about this a few years ago and it is exactly what I need. 20 fresh ingredients each week=5 meals. The grocery list is already made out for me. If we don’t like a specific ingredient, I have alternatives we do like. For example, if the recipe calls for shrimp, we replace it with sausage. Even if I don’t make her recipes, I can get creative with the ingredients she has organized instead.

Audio Books ( This author/reader is wonderful to listen to while doing housework. It’s like doing jobs around the house with an amazing storyteller to keep me company.

Seasonal Playlists (Spotify): My kids have been trying to talk me into Spotify for awhile now and I have become a fan. Really enjoying this playlist for fall.

TV Shows (netflix/amazon prime): Current favorite show is Royal Pains. Its lighthearted, the characters make me happy and I don’t have to really pay attention but it keeps me entertained while I am doing dirty work.

Another thing I have learned is that I would much rather write about chores than do them! So, off I go to do my Monday work.

May your Monday motivate you to get done what you must (or really want to) do today.