30 Days of Rest: Day 23


“You have been a seeker for so long, I said. “Why not become a finder? At this stage in your life, what if you imagined you were ready to let go of seeking, and begin finding?” She remained silent for a time, a look of deep confusion on her face, her head slightly tilted, as if she were trying to hear a sound far away. Then, suddenly a laugh exploded from deep in her belly. A finder! What a delight! How could she have never imagined it before? She had always been so focused on the search, she had never taken time to rejoice in the blessing, the gift of finding.”

~Müller, Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest

What are you seeking?

What drives you?

Keeps you going?






When we slow down, the energy that fills our tank and fuels our engine doesn’t really know what where to go. When we are ready, we will learn from the discomfort that surfaces.

Have you had this experience yet?

We are not all driven by the same things but we do tend to be driven by the same types of things.* My husband is driven by a need to be valued, I am driven by a need to be loved, my daughter is driven by a need to be special and my son is driven by a need to be significant.

Aren’t they beautiful?

When I can see these needs as intrinsic to being human, I can see why God would look at creation and say, “It is good.”

When I admit my needs (to myself or to another) I immediately feel vulnerable. Which is funny because I am vulnerable regardless if I admit it or not. When I pretend I don’t need love or it is up to me to make sure I get love, I begin operating from a place of fear.

Not only do I need love but I am scared that I will not be loved so I must hustle to earn it. Deep down inside, we know if all of the love we have is earned it is not really love at all.

This lesson is as old as the hills, it is as familiar as Dorothy and her ruby red slippers.

You already have what you need.

You are loved.
You are special.
You are valued.
You are significant.
You are good.
You belong.

A day of rest is a time to remember that your work is not only seeking, but it is also about finding what you have been looking for and letting those truths guide your next steps.

*The Enneagram is a great tool for learning more about what motivates you.
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