30 Days of Rest: Day 22

IMG_0258.PNGI have about five minutes to write you today, so I will not be as thoughtful this as I wish I could. Today is my birthday and my precious family has spent every waking moment making me feel special. I MUST get back to enjoying what they have planned for me.

One of my friends asked me this morning what I am most looking forward to this year. I told her that I woke up thinking how very lucky I am to be alive. As each year passes, I know someone else that did not get to live to be the age that I am.

This winter I went to a dance class where the instructor asked us to dedicate our dance to someone. I danced for someone who was in the hospital, someone who would not ever dance again, who would not see her 41st birthday.

Today you are alive.

You are here.

It might be a terrible day.

It might be the best day ever.

But you are here.

I’m really glad you are.

Thank you for letting me share all of this with you. It really means the world to me.