30 Days of Rest: Day 20


Here is another perspective for you on integrating rest into your life. Thank you to my precious friend for sharing her strategies and lessons with us.

How do you define rest?

Rest: pausing, taking a breath, slowing down, having fun, not striving. It involves resting mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. For me to mentally rest means to slow down my figure it out/ planning parts- to and to take a break from trying to solve problems by figuring out a new plan or what might be at the root of a relational problem.

To rest physically means to take at least one morning a week at home when I am not racing out the door by 6:30 or 7:00, to go to yoga, to take a power nap, to eat meals working a crossword puzzle or reading rather than writing progress notes, refraining from multi tasking.

Relationally resting is taking time to enjoy my spouse- some sort of date outing, walking or sharing a meal/coffee with a friend, spending time with children either in person or on the phone.

Do you believe you need more rest in your life?

Yes- I try to incorporate it on a weekly basis (especially Wednesdays and Thursdays) but I also need more extended times of rest- a non agenda vacation of several days or even a full day of rest at home- a “well day” of sorts.

How often do you set aside time for rest?

Pockets of time (an hour or so at a time) weekly- probably 3- 4 hours a week.

If you do practice rest, how did you come to prioritize that?

Prioritizing yoga is easy on Wednesdays because there are not many competing events at 7:00 a.m. I put my support group on my calendar each week and avoid planning around it.

If you do not, what are the obstacles for you?

Needs that arise during times I’ve set aside for rest- I have also found that recently when I have an open afternoon in front of me I can become restless. It made me realize that I more often than not rest in routine rather than rest.

What do you hope to experience on a day of rest?

Resting in the midst of life- and to experience a new understanding of rest.

What do you need to do to prepare for a day of rest?

Not say yes to anything else!!!