30 Days of Rest: Day 18


It’s been a busy Tuesday morning.

What I had planned for the day did not go according to plan. Because I have a sick kid at home, I also have the car for the day. It suddenly seemed like I had so many options of where I could be and what I could do. I almost forgot to eat breakfast in the midst of all of the possibilities.

You would laugh if you could see the Laurel and Hardy act that goes on inside me. It’s hilarious, all of these parts tripping over each other, accidentally and intentionally hitting each other over the head trying to do sixteen things at once and not being remotely productive toward one of them.

And then I laugh at myself, Oh yeah, I need to write my resting lesson for today. Hey, how about you learn a resting lesson today, Jenny?

This is what came to my mind:

Two of my friends are currently training their dogs. Both of them are teaching them about going to “place.” Do you know about Place? It might be new on the dog scene. We didn’t learn it about it in Pup Scouts 🐶. But I am a fan.

“What if instead of jumping around like a lunatic when the doorbell rings, your dog waits politely in a down position? Or, instead of circling the dinner table like a shark, your dog lies quietly in the other room? Training a dog to go to a specific place is one of the most useful behaviors. In the following exercise from her bestselling book, Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt explains how you can teach your dog the command “Go to Place.”

That was me this morning, jumping around like a lunatic when my email chirped, circling the kitchen trying to remember what I am doing. As soon as I thought about writing this email to you, I realized that I have to land somewhere before I can tell you where I am, before I even know what I am thinking. I heard my neighbor’s kind but strong voice telling his excited dog, “Place,” and all my little overwhelmed parts found their way back to home base.

Rest is my place.

And I only get here by saying no, which I had to do to three very important possibilities today in order to land right here at my own kitchen table where I made my hungry self eggs and toast. The fan in my son’s bedroom and his backpack in the middle of the living room are the only evidence I have of him being home. But I am here with him today. Lucky to be here. Thankful to be here.

Right in the place where I belong.

May you land in the place where all your overwhelmed parts can rest today.