30 Days of Rest: Day 16


One of my earliest Sabbath practices was to attempt to be with my family for one day a week instead of influence/change/teach/fix them. This was my way of trying to honor the spirit of some of the strange laws regarding the sabbath. From my perspective, one purpose of the sabbath was to set aside time to experience my place in creation instead of impacting it.

When my children were younger, it was completely unnatural to not lecture them or think about what we needed to do differently every minute of every day. Now that they are teenagers, I am much more comfortable with not knowing or being able to do anything to “fix it.”

As a parent, a therapist and a human, I want to say, do, think, and be whatever I can to help lessen the suffering and pain in our big and small world and to make this planet more beautiful. Sometimes in my effort, I forget that my influence is quite limited. I become frustrated and overwhelmed with all that is wrong in our world.

In Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest, Muller says that when people share their suffering with him, “My work is to be good company, to allow them to lean for awhile on my unshakable belief in their inner fire. Even on the good days I cannot do more than this. Then, slowly, in their own time, their bodies open, they begin to feel and taste the possibilities of wholeness for themselves. This fundamental goodness always waits for us to discover it, if we will only gather together patiently, and listen.”

Muller’s work is a good reminder of how we can be with others and how we can be with ourselves. When we rest long enough to see the beauty that already exists without our efforts, sometimes even in spite of our efforts, we invite more beauty to reveal itself.

Gather together patiently and listen for the inner fire, the true and pure and beautiful that is already everything it is supposed to be.

You are doing beautiful and amazing things with your life.

You try so hard.

You are generous and kind and you are enough, just as you are.