30 Days of Rest: Day 15


This is one of those days that when it appears, you are so thankful you are well-rested.

Today is full of everything that is wonderful about this phase of life, which also means we need all hands on deck. It is a busy, drive around town, be in two places at once kind of day.

It is my nature to get preoccupied with what is not perfect in “the good times” and not realize that what is good in my life is just passing through. It might not even be here tomorrow. What brings our life texture five years from now will be so very different from what we are managing today.

Every season of our life is packed full of things that will only be here for a time. Some seasons in life seem to have an unusual amount of sorrow, some seasons in life seem like they have so much good it is hard to absorb.

There will always be something annoying, something painful, some loss and there will always be something good, sweet and exquisite happening as long as we are alive.
We cannot avoid true suffering, but we can (way too easily) overlook the joy.

We rest to be awake, alert and aware to enjoy everything about the one life that belongs to us.

May you be awake for the moments that matter to you today.