30 Days of Rest: Day 13


We are all functioning with different limitations, different resources, and different demands and rest is going to look and feel differently for each of us. It is my hope that these “interviews” will expand your view of rest until it gets big enough to find you wherever you are today.

⭐️Special thanks to my friend, Kelly, for giving me permission to share her thoughts with you. Here are her honest answers on finding rest in her reality:

How do you define rest?

Rest is bringing your whole self to life, to God, to relationships – to practically do this, we have to say no to a lot of things that we want to say yes to.

Do you believe you need more rest in your life?

YES! I’m addicted to busyness, getting by, always moving and a bit allergic to sitting still.

How often do you set aside time for rest?

I usually do it when I’m forced to (when I’m at my end). I want to practice resting as a proactive measure, not reactive.

If you do practice rest, how did you come to prioritize that?

It looks different to me than it used to. With three young children, a home life and a private practice – I can’t always rest in the ways I used to rest (get a pedicure, girls’ night, trip with my husband, nap, etc). Now, rest means taking 10 minutes to sit with God instead of scrolling on my phone. It means taking a shower the night before so that I’m not a crazy person the next day when we’re getting out the door. Rest means packing lunches the night before so I’m not barking at my kids in the morning because I’m stressed out. Rest means going to bed early. Rest is not always fun, but in the long run – I’m better for it. I’m less tired, and there’s more of me to give. In a lot of ways, rest means being an adult.

If you do not rest, what are the obstacles for you?

I have to let go of things in order to have a life of rest. A huge obstacle for me is my phone – it’s like a portal to another realm. In my phone lives my private practice, my friends, my extended family, after school activities, my kids school stuff. It all lives in my phone. If it’s near me – I’m in that world, not the precious world in front of me. I have recently been putting my phone in my mud room with the volume on high. I try to think of entering into another portal when I go to check it – and if I do, do I have the space to do that? If not, it can wait. Once I enter into that portal, it’s hard for me to get back to my present reality. My mind is thinking about the next thing on my to do list and then when my kids interrupt my thoughts, I can’t hold it all inside and so I snap. For me, rest is realizing my limitations.

As you anticipate your day of rest, what are you most looking forward to?

What it feels like the next day. That’s usually when I know I practiced rest well.

What do you hope to experience on your day of rest?

I get these rushes of gratitude when I’m living in rest. I watch my kids play or listen to them talk or laugh with them and I’m overwhelmed with how lucky I am.
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