30 Days of Rest: Day 12


Rest is about taking a second to be right where you are.

What keeps us from being where we are?

Two common bandits of “presence of mind” are depression and anxiety. You might find these simplistic, but accurate, descriptions helpful*:

Depression: focusing our attention to what we failed to do.
Anxiety: focusing our attention on what we fear we will not be able to do.

Take a moment today to check in with your reality:

Where are you right now?

Where is your mind?

Where are your thoughts?

Are you inside of your body right now?

Can you see what you are seeing?

Can you feel what you are feeling?

Can you taste what you are tasting?

Are you holding what is your’s to hold?

There is so much wonderful in this book, Toxic Success by Paul Pearsall, that I wish I could read the whole thing out loud to you. It has been a challenge for me to decide which quotes to include in these posts because every page is so GOOD. Toxic Success is a great resource full of gentle words and helpful explanations about stress, attention and true success.

Since I can’t actually read it to you, would you be so kind to do me a favor and read it out loud to yourself? Sometimes our brain needs to hear it’s own voice.

Today, we will read from the bottom of page 99.

“If you are looking for the happiness and contentment of sweet success, stop and look around you right now. There is a vast potpourri of sweet experience just waiting to be attended to, if you are willing to be in attendance and attentionally present to enjoy it.

Like the starts hidden by the brightness of the day, the cosmic joys that can soothe our local pain are always there. You will not find contentment in days already lived or yet to be lived…

We have to pay attention to the less demanding aspects of life and, like the teacher alert to the quietest and shyest student in the crowded classroom, we have to be sensitive enough not to allow the clatter of our modern culture to drown out the whispers of a more restful, joyful, contented way of living.”