30 Days of Rest: Day 9


We are in quite a whirlwind around here today.

Both of my kids are anxious about all the work they have to do to be ready for school tomorrow and the vibe in our house is anything but zen.

I am comforted by my friend, Matthew’s words, “Verily, I asketh: Doth not the teacher realize that she/he assigneth the homework not to the student alone, but to the entire family? For the wailing and gnashing of teeth reverberateth through the whole domicile. And even the best-intentioned of fathers art of no help — AT ALL. JUST GO AWAY DAD.” (Song of Sullivan 10.3.16)

Sabbath rest always feels furthest away on Sundays. There is just so much to do. Even as I write this, my mind is simultaneously typing out a list of what MUST be done today in order for tomorrow to happen. As if tomorrow is up to me.

Will we get everything done? Probably not.

Will we be okay? Yes, we will.

This time next week we probably won’t even remember what seemed so desperately urgent today.

Last year, I attempted to be intentional about our time together as a family on Sunday nights. We all forget about it every single week.

Remember. Remember. Remember.

So, we are going to run around today and do stuff, but regardless of what is done or not done we will meet around the fire for some hot tea and good conversation after the sun goes down.

I might be there alone. I might be there with one of my kids, a friend, or one of my kid’s friends.

You never know what is going to happen when you set aside a sacred time, but you will capture it, something will happen and you will remember that it happened.