30 Days of Rest: Day 4


There are big and small ways we can begin to invite rest back into our lives. Our bodies and minds don’t need a long vacation any where near as desperately as they need pauses-many, many pauses everyday. 

Remember pauses? 

Waiting in line, looking out the car window, walking from anywhere to anywhere else and looking up? Smiling at a baby, stopping to pet a dog, nodding at a stranger. Letting your thought think itself all the way through before the next ping or click buzzes in your pocket?

Last year, as my husband and I pulled away from the world and closer to each other, we became much more intentional about our phone use. Even with both of our kids being cared for by competent and loving adults, we still jumped every time our phone vibrated, a little bit scared of how to do life without our mini-offices in charge. I wrote this after our first lunch without our phones. “Our brains are addicted to our lists, the pings on our phone, the next message in our inbox. We are going through a tiny version of withdrawl, of tech detox.” 

I could not have been more amused to read about this familiar concept fitting for our first stage of rest:

“Sometimes at this early stage, the peculiar floating or falling feeling one may experience while going to sleep is interrupted by a brief spasm known as the hyping jerk or myoclonic twitch-a quick muscular contraction in arms, legs or sometimes the whole body-which startles one back to wakefulness.” (Jennifer Ackerman

Be prepared for some discomfort, some twitches and jerks here and there as you welcome rest in the natural pauses it is offering you.