Finding Our Yes


As I was printing and cutting these little cards for the loveliest group of women, it made me catch my breath to see the so many bold Yes’s surrounding each other.

It can be terrifying to say no.

When we say no, we are admitting our limitations. We open ourselves up for judgement. We let other people see who we are not and what we cannot do anymore.

When we learn that our time, energy and resources are finite, we become aware that they are limited and we only have so much to give.

Finding our YES is a uncertain and vulnerable process. We take the risk that our YES might not be impressive, might not be good enough, might not accomplish anything at all.

The women’s group I met with last night reminded me that even though I only have one YES at a time, so does everyone else. The no that was so hard for me to let go, the no that I had to say to something so important was someone else’s YES.

It just wasn’t mine.

In a different season of my life, I might have been jealous. I might have felt like I was missing out, missing the boat. But in this season, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Relieved that it’s not all on me. The world isn’t going to fall apart when I say no and neither am I. Most comforting of all is remembeing that if I do fall apart for a time, we are all in the same boat and someone else’s YES might be right there next to me.

Here’s a little taste of the conversation that we had last night:

1. Make a list of what you want to say Yes to this year.

2. Make a list of what you want to say No to this year.

3. If you could only choose one Yes what would it be:

For this moment?

For this day?

For this season?

For your life?