questions for each month

At the beginning of the year, instead of creating goals or resolutions, I made the decision to ask myself questions that were aligned with the seasons. It is kind of like eating seasonally. You are going to enjoy better quality when you eat what is fresh at the time of year that it is ripe.

The same is true with our goals.

Any time we “should” ourselves, we are asking ourselves to behave, produce or expect something from ourselves or from our lives that is out of season. Just because we can get a tomato in February, doesn’t mean we should. It is going to be the kind of tomato that makes people say they hate tomatoes.

Let’s eat tomatoes in the summer when they are heavy and plump and begging us to taste them for the pure pleasure of the bite.

This idea of aligning myself with the seasons can also be translated as aligning myself with reality. When I am out of synch with reality, I do not understand what is wrong. Things are cloudy and require effort that does not produce accordingly. When I am able to see that this is my season, this is my struggle, this is a gift and a grace for right now and only now, I can receive all that this particular moment in time has for me.

Questions for the Year:

January, What quiet generosities do you have for me?

February, In what ways can I feed and nourish my inner fire?

March, How can I prepare my soil for planting? What do I need to acknowledge as lost or dried up?

April, What does my soul need to be fed? What do I want to plant?

May, What is the beauty that surrounds me?

June, How can you tend my inner garden? What needs air and sun?

July,  How can I receive the rest and  freedom of your long days and warm nights?

August,  How can I lose myself in your sweet gifts of air and time? 

September, What are you revealing to me about my essentials?

October, What do you have for me that is ready to harvest? How can I gather those today?

November, What preparations do you have for my home for winter, for celebrations, for family and friends?

December, What grace do you have for me to receive and give today?

In January, I spent a day writing and asking these questions, but I have not gone back to them each month, as I intended. The wonderful magic about aligning myself with the seasons is that I did not have to remember the questions in order to benefit from them. They have been written in nature since the beginning of time just as they are written inside of me.