Resting Lesson: Children’s Books


“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”
― Annie DillardThe Living

It is surprisingly easy for me to think, learn and know about rest and forget to actually rest. At a mindfulness training this weekend, we experienced a generous rhythm of learn, practice, process. It was a powerful reminder that what we know is only as meaningful as what we practice.

It is interesting for me to notice that the busier I get, the less aware I am of adding more to my schedule. An object in motion, I guess.

When the alarm went off this morning, I almost forgot to remember that it is time to rest.

Physically, mentally and spiritually I have been challenged in ways that were only possible because of the reservoirs that were replenished during my time of extravagant rest. As a well-rested person, I have had more to offer myself and others than I knew I was capable of.

It feels good to be capable. To be participate and contribute. It’s fun and life-giving. It is a gift to be alive!

And now it’s time to rest again.

Today’s Resting Lesson: One of my resting practices begins with a visit to the library where I load up on children’s books. I will make myself a hearty breakfast, brew a pot of tea, wrap myself in my robe and find some rest today inside of these whimsical, silly, comforting stories-some from my childhood, some from my children’s childhood and some that I just discovered today.