The Art of Sabbath: Dormancy



“Dormancy allows plants and their seeds to develop stress-resistant annual resting periods. When adverse conditions such as cold or drought arise, the plant ceases to receive its cues from the external environment and focuses inward, receiving its vital direction from ancient rhythms. Seeds may maintain dormancy even during favorable conditions, in order to give them time to fully mature…

In a given season, this may diminish the yield, but it is a rhythm designed less for quick profit, and more for an abundance over eternity.”    ~Sabbath (p.57-58)

This concept of Sabbath transforms words that judge into words that bless. Just the word “Dormancy” written at the top of today’s chapter takes away the sting of “What am I doing with my life?” and replaces it with a wise understanding that all sustainable things do not produce for a time.

Of all the fears I have faced during this time of rest, the greatest one has been that if I let go of the energy that keeps me going and doing, I might never give anything of worth to this world.

That fear is only surpassed by a deeper knowledge that to give anything of worth, I must be willing to be dormant for awhile.

There are times in my life and there will be times again where I must dig deep for stubborn determination to press through challenging circumstances. Times of dormancy, however, also require a stubborn determination to not bloom until the time is right.

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