The Art of Sabbath: Choosing My Yes


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Choosing My Yes

“By saying no to making some things happen, deep permission arises for other things to happen. When we cease our daily labor, other things-love, friendship, prayer, touch, singing, rest-can be born in the space created by rest.” Sabbath (p.29-30)

In a recent women’s group, we were discussing how hard it is to say no, when we are able to say no, how we justify saying no. We even acknowledged that we say no a lot and still there is always more to say no to. We explored the extensive mental energy we spend trying to make ourselves and other people feel okay about our no.

The list of things we must say no to is truly never ending…like that bubble game I kept trying to win only to discover that the bubbles would keep scrolling as long as I kept popping them.

During my 30 Days of Rest, I became more aware of my allotted energy than I have every been before. As I was reflecting on my sabbatical with a friend yesterday, I realized that during that time, I learned what must be done in my life and I attempted to do no more.

It felt like I was saying no to everything but really, I was saying yes. Our no’s are not the destination, they are the way to clear out the path for our yes.

It is not about finding your no.

It is about finding your yes.

Sabbath is the sacred time between our no and our yes. It offers us space, permission, and significant margin to notice our beautiful yes when it presents itself to us.

“Some things at first may seem expedient, or important or profitable-but in the end, they will bring you suffering. If you work all week and forget to rest, you will become brittle and hard, and lose precious nourishment and joy. Forgetting the Sabbath is like forgetting to unwrap the most beautiful gift under the tree.” Sabbath (p. 32)

Art by Megan Wise

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