30 Days of Rest: Day 30


A Guidebook

“Just as we must wait until darkness falls before we can see the stars, so does the Sabbath quietly wait for us. As darkness falls, as the light of the world fades and disappears, we light the inner lights, the lights of home and refuge. Our steps take us home, and the light draws us in. May you find some comfort here.” ~Wayne Muller

This book sat on my shelf for almost a decade before I opened it up and received its message. Just the words on the spine were enough for me. I had two teeny tiny kids and the concept of Sabbath felt like something reserved for the wealthy. This book reminded me that Sabbath was a sacred practice and like all ancient things, was available to me-if not in my reality then maybe in my heart.

When pockets of time began to open for me, I quickly filled them with developing my professional and creative pursuits that were dormant while I  was busy changing diapers, sweeping the kitchen clean of Cheerios and vigilantly getting my little ones down for their afternoon naps.

One Sunday morning, in the midst of coloring my hair, getting my kids dressed for church and feeling tremendous guilt about the work I was not getting done on my “day off”, I glimpsed the spine of this book and almost broke down into sobs. The familiar title, which had blended in with all of my beloved books for years, suddenly seemed to shimmer with possibility and promise while also resonating with one of my deepest and most neglected needs.

I needed rest.

Not a nap. Not a pedicure. Not a date night. Not a girl’s trip.

I was desperate for deep soul rest.

At that time, I began to read one chapter of this book each Sunday and let God show me what rest really looks and feels like in my reality.

There are 30 Chapters in Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest. I end my own intensive practice of 30 days of rest with the recommendation of this book if you are interested in exploring the secret room of Sabbath in your own inner landscape.

The next 30 entries in this blog will be quotes, reflections, practical applications, interviews and questions based on Wayne Muller’s book.

***Amazon Smile links are used in this post with Bread For the Journey featured as the charity. Muller is the founder of this non-profit organization whose vision is, “To nurture the seed of generosity that exists in every human heart.”

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