30 Days of Rest: Day 23



There is a scene in Family Man, where Nicolas Cage knows that he is going to go back to his old life as soon as he goes to sleep, so he tries as best as he can to stay awake as long as possible in an effort to hold onto everything wonderful he had found in his alternate life.

That’s how I felt about yesterday. Because of the stillness of the past few weeks, I was able to really see and acknowledge every gift shared with me. My husband kept saying, “You are so loved.” I most certainly am. But what those loved ones did for me said a lot more about the people in my life than it did about me.

One of the things I had to do last year was to stop looking at Facebook birthday reminders. I missed dozens of opportunities to celebrate my friends and family and I did so intentionally. While that is one of my very favorite things to do in life, it was not an essential, and I knew in order to be the kind of person that had the time, energy and creativity to celebrate the people I love, I needed to establish a sustainable life.

It was humbling to receive the presents, phone calls, messages, cards, and this personalized mug (my funniest gift) when I had given so little to to so few this year.

And that is what made it all so wonderful. I could never do enough to deserve the generosity poured out on me yesterday. That’s the real lesson of these 30 Days of Rest. It’s not about deserving anything.

We can’t work hard enough to earn rest and we can’t do enough to earn love. They are there for us. Always.

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