30 Days of Rest: Day 20



“Dr. Hans Selye is the acknowledged father of the concept of stress. He believed that each of us has a stress savings account deposited in our bodies as our life-force.  The object before us, in his terms, is to spend this account wisely over the longest time span possible.

The difference between a stress savings account and a normal bank account is that we cannot make any deposits into the life-force account. We can only make withdraws. What does it mean to be a big-spender of one’s life force?  To a great extent, it means to overreact to petty circumstances as if they were life or death matters.

More than 90% of our confrontations in life are with imaginary predators and demons. We aren’t facing real enemies or real problems-only the fear of them or imagined projection of them.” ~Denis Waitley, Timing Is Everything

One of the most profound ways that rest can affect my life is to be clear about what is worthy of my life-source. If I only have so much energy in my life time, how do I want to spend it? Maybe the better question is, how do I not want to spend it?

I don’t want to waste life-force on chronic guilt, petty embarrassment, or trying to perfect. If I feel guilty, I can ask myself if I need to change a behavior, make an apology or accept that my value system needs to change. I can use my life-force to ask, change or accept, but just to keep worrying is a nothing but a drain.

If I am embarrassed, I can use my energy to be honest about it, learn from it, and find compassion for myself and others in the bumbling journey of being human, but to increase my self-criticism in hopes of avoiding embarrassment is more waste.

It is fascinating to be moving slow enough to watch myself set up a projector and play out my greatest fears. My little brain can move quickly and it takes a second to realize there is nothing to fear here-except what I have imagined.

Rest from those projections, that’s some amazing kind of rest. If I get to choose, I would would prefer to use my life-force for creating, loving, serving, laughing, and playing-and dealing with real life issues, not just the ones in my head.

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