30 Days of Rest: Day 19


Your Gift

“And so, for me, being quiet and slow is being myself, and that is my gift.”

~Fred Rogers, The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers

Today begins the 3rd phase of my sabbatical.

In Stage 3 of our sleep cycle, our brain produces Delta waves which cause the mind and body to be less reactive to noises and activities in the environment. When I first read about this ability our brain has to be less responsive to the environment, I was encouraged that it might be possible to pull far enough away from my constant triggers that even when the triggers were present, they failed to shake me.

It happened.

I found it. A stillness that was so out of the ordinary, I have no memory to compare it to. In therapy, we call this a resource moment. My brain and body were creating pathways to places that I had never visited before. A place I now know exists and can visit again. Maybe anytime I want to.

While opening my phone to listen to some music on my walk, I was pinged with some messages and I didn’t react. I closed the windows and continued on the path around the dog park. Those messages did not change the course of my day-but what is even more significant is that they did not make me second guess where I was choosing to be.

Mr. Rogers, my spiritual guru, said that being slow and quiet is being himself. He believed that in being ourselves we could offer our true gifts to the world.

What is your gift of being today?

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