30 Days of Rest: Day 13



Thirteen days in and I find myself especially thankful for these guideposts Tiffany (my spiritual director) and I explored just a little over two weeks ago in preparation for 30 days of Rest:

Release: What do you want to release during this month?

Embrace: What do you want to embrace during this time?

Imagine: Imagine yourself a month from now, looking back on these 30 days- what would you be disappointed about doing or not doing?

Most of my releasing involved other people’s expectations of me (real or imagined) and technology.

I want to and I am embracing my husband and my kids in ways that I have never before-not our first year of marriage, not when the kids were still in diapers. Never before. It feels like a gift to get to make them breakfast and fold their laundry (both chores they have done for themselves since they were in elementary school). And I LOVE seeing their shiny faces every morning and night. They are the highlight of my quiet days.

The November question was so important because real life is real life. It is going to come back to me. I will be busy again. I will be back in the flow of traffic. It is really special to have an entire month set aside for this deep kind of nourishing rest. I told Tiffany I would be most disappointed if I let outside pressures or the discomfort of doing something so different make me give up on my plan.

This time has been set aside for a sacred stillness. I am the only one who can give it to me.

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