30 Days of Rest: Day 8



What is the word for this feeling?

Have I ever felt it before?

I am rested.

I am so awake, I can’t imagine needing or even wanting a nap. I feel calm, an inside calm that settles me to the core. It occurs to me that one of the reasons we have not had this kind of vacation before is because our life was as unmanageable to leave as it was to live. This Simplified Life was just as much about creating a life we could sustain as it was designing a life we could take a break from once in awhile. Our life is small enough now that it isn’t falling a part just because we can’t tend to it for a week.

Today, we took solace in a local coffee shop. I got to sit, sip, write, read and look across the table at the cutest husband on the planet. Tonight is dinner and a movie. We have a fancy date to sit at our favorite restaurant, eat steak and popovers while we look out at our beautiful city’s skyline.

I am awake to enjoy, taste, touch, smell, see and savor every second of each delicious moment.

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