30 Days of Rest: Day 12


A Quiet Routine

Now that our official “vacation” is over, everyone is back to work and school and I am here, waking up in my new life. I need a routine. A very flexible, wonderful, open-handed routine. My work right now is rest. It takes intention, clarification, and daily (sometimes hourly) support for this venture. There are many voices in my head telling me to get back to work and get some things done! Which is why it was so valuable that I had someone help me create a plan for this month.

My Daily Routine:

put on workout clothes

make everybody breakfast

send kids off to school

have coffee date with Adam


walk the dog

take pictures




go to yoga

take a bath

figure out dinner

hang out with my people

This week, I am also spending an hour each day reviewing a year of my life.

Yesterday was 2010. My 2010 agenda was horrifying. I did not recognize the woman who homeschooled one child, was a room mom for the other child, spent my Saturdays at swim meets, used my free time writing monthly newsletters and still managed to have coffee and lunch dates most every day while launching a private practice. How did I do that? Not only am I impressed with myself, but I also feel a great deal of compassion toward that mom who was doing everything in her power to not let her work shortchange her kids.

Today was 2011. It was nice to see that I figured a few things out. Let a few things go. As I looked at the names of the people I met with during that time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. That was a special year full of magical moments and profound lessons I want to remember forever.

I am still wondering how things like dentist appointments and the dmv are going to fit into my routine. That list of neglected and annoying things is building up inside my head and interfering with my revere.

We shall see what rest has for me when it comes to my teeth, my gray hair and my expiring license.

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