30 Days of Rest: Day 6


Just Relax Already

We did the most decadent thing we’ve ever done and scheduled a spa day for today. We had a couple’s massage and I specifically requested a therapeutic massage. With several spots that have been hurting, a massage was just what the doctor ordered.

I had no idea.

The few painful spots on my neck and arm became excruciatingly painful in that good hurt kind of way while the rest of my body revealed it had been suffering too. Every muscle group had all sorts of knots and twists and the parts that hurt the worst were so tense they were just one giant cement slab of overworked muscle.

Our bodies are our primary limitation. My body sets practical boundaries for me as far as how much I can carry or how much rest or food I need. A new rush of compassion came through the healing hands of the massage therapist as I realized how much my body had been through the last few months: how kind and strong it has been to only give me a few complaints. My weary body waited until I was ready before it let me feel all of it’s pain.

And I was just where I needed to be to give her the care she required.

“Thank you, God, for this body. 

For the things it can feel, the things it can sense, the wondrous things it can do. 

For it’s bright vigor at the days beginning, for the hard sweet satisfaction of it walking, working, playing. For its very weariness at the days end, and the dear comfort of it sleeping. Sometimes for even its pain-if only to sting me into some new awareness of my own existence upon this earth.”

~Marjorie Holmes

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