30 Days of Rest: Day 3

just love

Pillows and Blankets

My husband and I were packing up our bags, both sniffling and coughing, bickering a little because we are both coming down with a cold. We had just called the school to let them know our daughter was sick in bed. Our plan to get away this weekend was actually keeping us from resting.

We looked at each other and said, “Why are we doing this? Let’s stay home.”

We postponed our trip to the lake for another time. Here we are in an unprecedented weekend at home with our kids, all just a little under the weather on a chilly and rainy Saturday.

We are still furnishing our house, so after a very lazy morning we headed next door to buy some new blankets, throw pillows and cozy coats.

It occurred to me that this is all a part of the transition from wakefulness to sleeping. We are staying home and creating soft places for all of us to be. Because we are in vacation mode, both of us keep peeking around our kids smiling as if to say, “We could have missed this.”

And we didn’t miss it.

We are all right here.

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